Ever wondered what a web-comic could actually look like? We answer this exact question:  

Panels that are animated, an original soundtrack
video-game panels and so much more

THE IDEAL CITY comic/bd/manga/graphic novel/video-game

The Ideal City describes a futuristic world full of mysterious lore and populated by characters with deep desires:

 A Homunculus arguing with his maker. An augmented elite Art student, who defies human limits. Gojira, the famous Kaijū, roaming the World in peace; and then there is the infinite terror of the perspective paradigm.

 Get to know the lore behind the tech giant Nil, it's main businesses being terraforming and the augmentation of the human body and dive deep into the unknown parts of the ocean to be welcomed by the bioluminescent Vampyrotheutis Infernalis, the giant vampire octopus, who knows more about humanity than you might think.

 Thanks for joining me on this massive journey!

Love! Josef


I don't want to write the IDEAL CITY alone.

 If we, as a community, come up with a great creature or another entity, our very own community UE (unidentified Entity), be it in writing or designing, it will find its way into my comic book/manga/graphic novel. I would love for you to inscribe yourself into this story

WRITE YOUR OWN UE (unidentified Entity)! I will work on an upvoting and downvoting system, as well as a wiki concerning this, but for the time being: Post your texts and designs in the discord, and: Have fun! 
Of course, you will be credited for your entry, and if I use your design or text for my comic book, you will also get paid! 


 It is thanks to Julian @Kn and him showing me the SCP-foundation, that I came up with this Idea. So: Thank you, Julian, you've already been such a great help and inspiration to this project 

Our Discord-Community 
 is a bouquet of alien flowers

It is bound to evolve into a bioluminescent refuge for people who won't stop searching for us. A place where you can join in developing and exchanging thoughts, ideas and concepts of how we want to live, think, and feel this life. Maybe we will even find some sort of a common practice, a collective voice

The Idea of the Dividuum, the divided self, takes prevalence against the isolated concept of the individual, the undividable self, that always already exists only as an unrelatable fabrication of genius.

This digital Salon could, with you joining, become some sort of an off-space without a physical place. It could be your go-to bar, where you hang out, have a drink and talk about whatever it is that touches you deeply. 

Think of this Discord as a decentralized basketball court, that you visit after school just to check out who is here and what everyone is up to. I have no doubt in my mind that we can achieve something like that, a transitory digital hideout that can manifest and dissolve in and out of physical space spontaneously. 

I would love for you to join.




There is going to be a print version of this comic book. The bread and butter of this project, however, lies within the possibilities of the World Wide Web. The main problem I have with most web-comics, is that they are defined by a lack of the medium that's called print. Mostly, web-comics follow the rules and regulations of the print medium. This comic won't. 
Instead, we will try to reinvent the web-comic. 

  • Screen aspect ratio
  • Original soundtrack
  • Animated 2d/3d panels
  • panels as video-games (you can only progress, once you beat it)

    Imagine an audiovisual experience, where you listen to an original soundtrack and watch videos, cartoons and anime. The reading direction can change at any moment, and every once in a while a panel will actually be a video-game. A jump and run panel, for Example. You will only be able to turn the page, once you beat it.


An original soundtrack will be composed, that fits every beat of the story


Some Panels will be animated in the style of an anime or cartoon, there will even be short videos with real actors.



Every once in a while, a panel will be a video-game. Imagine a Panel being a jump and run game, you will have to beat in order to continue reading.


THE IDEAL CITY is also a company. It consists of only me for now. I'm actively searching for a LEAD 2D/3D ANIMATOR, a 2D-ARTIST, A LEAD GAME DESIGNER and a COMPOSER.

Josef Knoll is the creator of THE IDEAL CITY, he is based in Munich, Germany. He studied fine arts at the Art Academy, Munich and has been shown in many Galleries and Off-Spaces. His relationship to everything comic/manga is at the very root of his artistic expression.


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